Knowingly Oversold: The Rise & Demise of CBT

CBT works for some people suffering particular disorders but nothing, not even CBT, is THE solution for everyone everytime. As a psychotherapist and counsellor I encourage patients to actively take a lead in resolving or coming-to-terms with whatever has brought them to therapy. If I think that CBT or mindfulness, medication or meditation may be suitable I encourage and support their use.

First Meeting

As human beings meaning-making is part of our survival instinct. The issue is not that we make up stories about each other but rather whether we are able to notice that our stories are just that, stories, not the truth about someone.

Get out of your head and back into your life

No one is 100% confident 100% of the time, most of us experience shifts in the way we feel about ourselves, moment by moment.  Recently I noticed something new about the ebb and flow of my confidence. When I say “No” (nicely), in a timely manner and after getting advice and support in my decision…

Being With A Supportive Group

Something magical happens when a group of strangers who would never normally meet come together because of shared experiences. Members of the Real Confidence workshop ending in April 2015 all described the relief and support they felt as they realized that they were not alone in the way they saw themselves in the world.  They…