Life Coaching & Work / Career Coaching

Consider the questions above – then consider the answer that popped up first.

If you have answered “No!” to any of these questions, I promise to support you to develop into your fullest potential.

Together we will explore and work with your ability to go into action without losing your truth so that whatever is happening to you, and around you, we will figure out what helps or gets in the way of choice. Please contact me.

The type of coaching approach I use is:

A Relational & Systemic Coaching Approach…

As a Coach I give as much attention to supporting you to identify and work towards your goal as I do helping you develop awareness of your unique behavioural and psychological processes.

Together we we explore and work with three things:

  • Being able to manage your internal processes (intrapersonal)
  • Interpersonal processes (relationships with others and your environment / situation)
  • Ability to support-your-self and to regulate-your-self

How this works

We your goal(s) to help you develop not just skills and ailities but also to develop more resilience, flexibility and adaptability in the face of change and uncertainty in life or at work.

My Coaching Approach

‘Coaching is a one-to-one process where one person is supporting another person to develop and perform to their full potential’

As a relational and systemic coach my focus is on facilitating your thinking, exploration, curiosity and action planning. My role is to:

  • Support you to unlock energy, creativity and motivation so that you enjoy using your full potential.
  • Facilitate your understanding of what you do / do not do that helps you to reach your goals and fulfill your vision.
  • Help you to raise your own awareness of your responsibility over your own choices.

I think of my approach “Relational Process Coaching” because it is a way of bringing a focus to internal processes whilst working with external content and context.

How It Works

  • We meet for an initial discussion during which we explore your needs and whether or not we can work together.
  • Once a coaching agreement is signed we will have 6 – 8 sessions across 12 months (depending on what you want to achieve)
  • Coaching sessions last 1.5 hours
  • In between coaching sessions you can book a 15-minute check-in / catch-up call (not mandatory)
  • You are encouraged to maintain a journal / other process of reflection throughout.

How Reational Process Coaching differs from the GROW model of Coaching

I respect and build on more traditional coaching processes which usually use a version of the GROW framework (Goals, Reality, Options, Will). GROW models focus on working towards specific and measurable goals. However, achieving the goal does not necessarily help you to understand how to get a different goal in the future or how to raise the bar in terms of your every-day effectiveness and efficiency.

In Relational Process Coaching we use your goal to anchor deeper work involving awareness of how your thoughts, feelings and behaviours – you are encouraged to reflect on your experiences so that you become familiar with patterns and habits which assist or sabotage your best laid plans.

Coaching values

  • Contact & connection: my starting point is the relationship and how the coaching relationship helps you to become aware of what helps or get in your way when you are learning / developing / pursuing a specific goal.
  • Compassion: I work with what is happening in the moment with a deep care for understanding and accepting the challenges and rewards you face when pursuing a goal.
  • Self-compassion: the process of identifying a goal and working towards it takes its toll on you. It is important to me that coaching helps and supports the development of self-compassion and self-care.
  • Creativity: I am committed to embodying creativity as a coach, and, according to individual needs, helping you to make the most of creativity during your coaching experience.
  • Congruence & Professionalism: I consciously model professional excellence and respect for similarities and difference whilst believing that you are the expert in your own journey.

question-marksHave any questions?

Have a look at my Coaching FAQs for answers to common questions. If you need more information or would like to discuss anything in more detail please get in touch by clicking here or calling me by telephone on 0121 667 3665 or by mobile on 07588 624892.