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We all have moments in life when we lack confidence.  Our low self-esteem takes over, we question our intuition, actions and decisions. We underestimate our value and inner resources and we second guess our choices. This not because we are weak or incapable, but because we don’t fully understand how to manage our real confidence.

Coaching for confidence boosts your confidence by helping you to understand and manage what gets in the way of your self-confidence.  Whether you choose Coaching for life or  Coaching for Work In just six sessions focused on you will learn about protecting and increasing your self-esteem, self-worth and self-support.  This confidence course works from the inside out helping you to feel real confidence in more situations more of the time.

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Is 1-2-1 Coaching for Confidence right for you?

Do you want to be doing something else with your career/life but feel you don’t have the energy / courage / tools to make the change?

Do you want to be able to speak with confidence at work so that your value is recognised? or perhaps you want to speak up more assertively in professional / personal relationships so that you are heard and taken seriously?

If you can honestly answer yes to any of the above, then Coaching for Confidence in a confidential 1-2-1 situation will help you understand:

  • Which thoughts, behaviours and actions are helping or getting in the way of your self-confidence
  • How to trust and believe in your self
  • How to stop worrying what others may think about you.

Whether you have a clear vision of want you want your life to be like, or you just know things aren’t quite right, Coaching for Confidence will help you to:

  • Overcome your self-sabotaging inner chatter.
  • Trust yourself to make decisions and speak up
  • Feel empowered to step out of your comfort zone,
  • Discover how to stand in your truth and let go of old patterns that hold you back
Get in touch to discuss Coaching for Confidence

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