Convenient Online Therapy

While traditional face to face counselling is often considered preferable, online technologies are making therapy more easily available to more people.

I provide personal online therapy to clients living in the UK and abroad. The first session is ideally face-to-face but if that is not possible all sessions can be online.

What is It?

Online counselling uses Skype , Zoom and other similar technologies.  Therapy takes place through your PC, lap top, tablet or smart phone using a web cam.  We will be able to see each other’s heads and shoulder.  It is in many ways like normal face-to-face therapy

Many who cannot get to the Counselling Centre for a variety of reasons have found online therapy a very helpful & supportive alternative. For many operating online or using Skype is very familiar, but for those who are less accustomed we can provide help.

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It’s professional.

Using confidential, private online environment our therapy sessions offer a safe way to share with confidence in your own environment.

It’s convenient.

Do it at a time that suites you, at your own pace and in a place of your choice.  Help is available at your convenience.

It’s effective.

A study from 2008 showed that online therapy was just as effective as traditional therapy (Barak, Hen, Boniel-Nissim, & Shapira, 2008).  Over time more research has been done and a more recent 2015 study has shown that online groups have aided in lessening symptoms of depression and can continue to do so over time (Hartig & Vola, 2015).  From this and other research, it is clear that online therapy an effective and developing medium for therapy.

Overwhelmingly, the research on this form of counseling has shown it to be just as effective as standard one on one therapy.  Reynolds, Stiles, Bailer, & Hughes did a study in 2013 measuring the difference in effectiveness between online video therapy and in person therapy.  Like so many other studies, they found online therapy benefited clients to the same degree as in person therapy (Reynolds, Stiles, Bailer, & Hughes, 2013).

Is it for me?

There are many reasons why online counselling may be suitable for your personal circumstances.

  • You may live in a country where therapy in English is not available.
  • You may live in a country where it’s difficult to access therapy
  • You may be disabled, housebound or living in an isolated area
  • Perhaps your lifestyle or work shifts mean you can only have therapy during out-of-work hours

Whatever your reason, you can access counselling and psychotherapy without the need for travel. Some of our clients have preferred online therapy from their workplace while others have preferred therapy from the privacy of their own homes.

With online counselling your choice appointment is not limited by geographic location or the normal working times and days. You may choose from a range of days and hours and access good quality, confidential therapy from almost anywhere in the world.

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Can I mix online-therapy with face-to-face therapy?


Working on-line and face-to-face is great for people who do shift-work, travel a lot of have family obligations that require them to be at home a lot.

How does it work?

I use Zoom (my personal preference in terms of it’s security) or Skype.  With Zoom I invite you to a meeting and with Skype I call you at the agreed time.  We interface onscreen (on a tablet, PC or smartphone) if your bandwidth allows otherwise we proceed with a voice call.

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How much does it cost?

Sessions cost £50 for 50 minutes – the same cost as face-to-face therapy sessions.

question-marksHave any questions?

If you need more information or would like to discuss anything in more detail please get in touch by clicking here or calling me by telephone on 0121 667 3665 or by mobile on 07588 624892.