couple_253194094Couples Counselling

Couples counselling helps you deal with things in the relationship that you find hard to sort-out yourselves. That’s it in a nutshell, but, there’s more to it than that. Here’s a link to a Guardian Newspaper article which explains why couples counselling is worth considering.

What’s the main purpose of couples counselling?

If you’re having trouble communicating with each other or have realized you’re stuck around a particular issues then with the help of a couples therapist (who is a neutral moderator), couples counselling can you make sense of what’s going on. The main purpose is to enable you to make the changes you want to make in your relationships.

How do you work as a couples therapist?

My starting point is that if you are thinking of coming to couples counselling you care about your relationship. Following an initial mutual assessment I work for a minimum of 6 weekly sessions.

Each couple is unique and each relationship has its own needs but the initial 6 sessions is enough for many couples.

As a therapist I work with four different relationships all at the same time:couple_253194073

  • The couple.
  • The relationship between the partners in a couple
  • Each person in the couple as they relate to each other
  • Each person in the couple as they relate to themselves

My role is to nurture all four relationships whilst focusing on supporting the couple and each individual in the partnership to communicate honestly, safely and authentically about what’s brought them to this point in their relationship.

What to expect

To read about what to expect from an independent source click here.

We will explore the quality of contact between you as a couple

I will be committed to establishing a relationship with each of you as individuals whilst learning how you interact with each other.

Sometimes individuals request a one-to-one session to aid their couples’ counselling. It may be that one or both partners ask for individual sessions at different points in the counselling.

Whilst individual counselling within couples counselling is normally done with the full awareness of the partner, what is discussed in one-to-one sessions is confidential. It’s up to the individual to decide what, if anything, they bring from that session into the couples work.

What’s the cost?

Please contact me for costs for Birmingham or London.  Assesement sessions last 75 minutes.  Subsequent single sessions last 50 minutes; extended sessions last 75 minutes.

Have any questions?"QUESTIONS"

Have a look at my Therapy FAQs for answers to common questions. If you need more information or would like to discuss anything in more detail please get in touch by clicking here or calling me by telephone on 0121 667 3665 or by mobile on 07588 624892.