How We Work Together

Your Journey Back to You

Counsellors and psychotherapists are trained in different methods and it’s important to explore which approach may be right for you.

A Holistic Approach to Your Humanity

I work from a Gestalt and humanistic perspective.Reach out Hands

Gestalt therapy is a relational, holistic and creative approach which appreciates that people don’t exist in isolation; so in therapy we explore the influence of your current and past circumstances on what is happening now.  We pay equal attention to how your choices, perceptions and actions are influencing what’s happening in your life now.

I work alongside you, creatively supporting you to become more aware of how your actions, feelings and thoughts are helping or getting in your way.

The Benefits  Awaiting You

Relational counselling and psychotherapy help you to:

  • Develop awareness and understand patterns (thoughts, behaviours & feelings) that may be out of your current awareness.
  • Find ways to feel less ‘stuck’ in old patterns, and find new and different ways of thinking, feeling and acting.
  • Learn how to notice, understand and manage what’s going on for you .
  • Experience more energy, creativity and freedom in the present moment.
  • Feel more confident about regulating stress, anxiety and a sense of being out of control.

Counselling, psychotherapy and coaching work if you invest in your therapeutic work. The more you put into your work the more you get out.

The way it works…

Using the gestalt therapy approach you and I will focus on increasing your awareness of your self, your circumstances and how you function currently.

I assist you to get a broader, deeper and more enduring sense of how you feel, think and act in different situations and at different times.

Our ultimate goal is for you to know that whatever happens you can cope.

You will know when its time to stop because you will feel more satisfied in life  and you will begin to handle situations and experiences which might have previously been overwhelming; you will be aware of being in rewarding contact with yourself, other people and your environment.

As a Counsellor, Psychotherapist and Coach I work with many more issues (see FAQs) so if a confidential chat would help please email or call me on +44 (0)7588 624 892